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Learn the essentials

Get up to speed on Hacash Diamond (HACD) with articles, guides, and step-by-step tutorials

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What is HACD?

HACD is based on the ideas laid out in 2018 whitepaper titled Hacash: A Crypto Currency System for Large-scale Payments and Real-time Settlement.


Why HACD has better store of value?

Have a basic understanding of the difference between Hacash diamond and physical diamond, gold, Bitcoin and CryptoPunk, and understand why HACD can become a mainstream store of value asset.

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Why HACD is related to the monetary system?

HACD runs on Hacash's mainnet, and the other two coins on the mainnet are BTC and HAC to construct a market-adjusted  monetary system.


​How to mine HACD

The mining principle of HACD is similar to that of Bitcoin, but there are obvious differences.

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Learn how to create a HACD wallet, receive and send HACD and view HACD information on the explorer.

How to use HACD?


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