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Opensea Escrow Service

Since HACD is a native NFT on the Hacash mainnet, if you want to trade freely on an Ethereum-based platform, you need to make sure that mainnet's HACD and Ethereum-based platform's HACD correspond at a 1:1 exchange rate.

Hacash.Diamonds is a third-party guarantor aiming to secure your transaction on Opensea, the world's largest Ethereum NFT trading platform.

Please note that only the HACDs guaranteed by Hacash.Diamonds are listed on:

If there are other HACDs on Opensea that are not listed there, please trade with caution.

How Opensea Escrow Service Work 
If you're a HACD seller 

Step 1:  You must choose to submit your following information to our official Twitter or this page "Let's chat" first, otherwise the transaction will be denied.

Select an option

Step 2: Send the HACD you confirmed and 1 HAC fee to Hacash.Diamonds escrow address:  1PjLb2oCGLEij8zeX6Nx28zc1PLZ8XAxx9

After you complete the above steps, we will display your HACD on this page and Opensea within 24 hours.


  • After a buyer made a successful transaction, you will receive ETH deducted from Opensea 2.5% handling fee, Hacash.Diamonds 3% handling fee and transfer gas fee.

  • ​When you want to change the price, you can only lower the price. If you want to increase the price, you can only revoke the HACD and re-price.

  • ​If you want to revoke your HACD from Opensea, you need to pay gas fees to Opensea.

Thank you for putting your trust!

If you're a HACD buyer 

Step 1:  Choose the HACD you like on and purchase it directly with MetaMask wallet. After your purchase, you can choose one following option to provide your HACD name in exchange for a real HACD, ​​or you can continue to sell HACD on Opensea.

Select an option

Step 2: To exchange for real HACD, ​​you need to transfer the HACD on Opensea to the Ethereum address: 



If the transfer is confirmed, Hacash.Diamonds will transfer the HACD to your address in 24 hours, free of charge.

Thank you for putting your trust!

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