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Coin Manufacturing
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Bitcoin good.

CryptoPunk good.

Hacash Diamond better.

With the development of history, the target of human value storage has changed. Traditional store of value from the earliest gold, jewelry, art to stocks. Until the emergence of Bitcoin in 2008, mankind has added a new paradigm of store of value - "digital gold". This new paradigm of value store represented by Bitcoin has been influencing to this day.

The appearance of the first NFT - CryptoPunk in 2017 was sold for a high price of nearly $17 million in the subsequent Christie's auction, subverting the traditional way of storing art collections. 

The way of storing value is beginning to shift to digitization. We can't help asking, are there other new paradigms of value store emerging? HACD has achieved this goal as the world's first PoW-based NFT. Because almost no NFT can become a store of value as BTC. Almost no NFT can achieve the “first-ever” feat as CryptoPunk. HACD can make both happen at the same time.


The number of HACDs is limited, with a total of 16,777,216. If the increasing difficulty is not taken into consideration, it will theoretically take at least 800 years to be mined. However, as the difficulty of mining continues to increase, in fact it will never be possible to finish mining. If the demand for HACD in the market drops, the output of HACD will drop immediately or stop directly, maintaining its scarcity based on market demand.

Difficulty in Mass Production

Every time a HACD is mined, the difficulty of mining the next HACD will increase until it reaches the limit (the level of difficult leaps after every 3277 HACDs are mined). Its mass production and overall production difficulty will be much higher than Bitcoin in the future. At the same time, the production of HACD requires another HAC based on PoW mining to conduct a competitive bidding, which can produce up to 58  per day, which cannot be mass produced.


Each HACD is special and consists of special six letters. And the production serial number and date of each piece are also marked on the Hacash mainnet.


Since each HACD is composed of special six-digit letters and has a corresponding production serial number, each one is special. The value of letters and numbers with better meaning will be much higher than the value of ordinary HACD.

Production on Demand

Bitcoin will continue to be produced regardless of market demand. But when the market demand for HACD is not high, miners can reduce and stop the production of HACD.

Decentralization Production

Anyone in the world, as long as they have a network and a CPU machine anywhere in the world, can participate in the production of HACD, ​​which is completely open and accessible.


Like Bitcoin, HACD needs to consume energy based on PoW, and it depends on computing power to mine it. HACD is still in the stage of CPU mining.


As long as you remember the private key of HACD, ​​you can carry it anywhere.


HACD runs on the blockchain like Bitcoin and cannot be faked. In addition, due to the particularity of HACD, ​​no exchange can issue additional fake HACD.

Market Size

The current HACD market is still very small, which is one of the reasons why we need to promote it.


If Bitcoin is the world's first electronic cash that achieves decentralization and avoids double spending, and CryptoPunk is the world's first NFT, then HACD is the world's first NFT based on pure PoW.

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